Seleni has outlived many other cities in North America. Even after multiple natural disasters, only the outer perimeter of the city has fallen and is now largely uninhabited. Just beyond the outer perimeter is a wall that serves to protect it from the radiation coming off of the Barrens, which extend for hundreds and hundreds of miles.

Historically, the city always had guardians to keep its peace, though in recent times it’s proven difficult to restrain them, should they have any sudden whims.
Despite its ability to stand in the face of destruction, Seleni is rampant with gang violence, corporate greed, and mafia extortion. The three factions have a complicated and delicate balance. It’s been upset in the past, and most recently has given the Coda family more control than they deserve.

The Barrens Guardian follows a group of shadowrunners trying to piece together the histories of Sereno Addar: the CEO of Ares Corporation, Don Coda of the Coda Family, Clutch: the leader of the Cutters, the Guardians that protect the Seleni, and several urchins living in the Barrens.

The Barrens Guardian

knurtt Barrens guardian